Ripen is local,


gathering boards

Add something special to your gathering with a Ripen board.

We curate ingredients from small local farms, creameries, and makers. Each board is assembled just hours before your event, packaged carefully, and delivered directly to you.

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1. An assembly or meeting, especially a social or festive one or one held for a specific purpose.

2. A collection, assemblage, or compilation of anything.

Some call what we make a cheese and charcuterie plate; some call it a "grazing platter."

We use the term gathering board, because gathering is the heart of what we do.

Ripen is for gatherings - whether you're celebrating something "official" like a wedding or birthday, or just making an ordinary moment special. We're here for team meetings, weekends with friends, weddings, baby showers, and all of the moments in between.

Each board is a gathering in itself - a curated collection of things we love, from local pickles to funky cheese and the first berries of summer. We hope you enjoy them in joyous company.