The Pique Nique - Waste Free


THE PIQUE NIQUE is a more casual, savory version of Ripen's Classic Gathering Board. It features some popular favorites in the cheese world - like aged cheddars, buttery swiss, and marinated mozz - more picnicky-style meats like mortadella and spicy coppa, and lots of yummy pickles and olives. There’s some fruit, too, but the focus is on salty treats.

The Pique Nique can easily be made vegetarian and is always gluten free. 

(PS - Don't tell the Classic, but this is our staff favorite!)

Small (quarter sheet) ▪ Feeds up to 8 ▪ $130
Medium (half sheet) ▪ Feeds up to 16 ▪ $250
Super Large (full sheet, not pictured) ▪ Feeds up to 32 ▪ $485

This is our waste-free option, which is served on an aluminum pan. To return the pan, text Dispatch Goods and they'll come pick it up! To order a disposable packaging option, click here

Crackers, plates, napkins, and serving utensils are not included - if you need them, please order them separately!