The Cured Meat Board - Waste Free


Also known as a charcuterie board (if you're French) or a salumi board (if you're Italian), this bountiful beauty features all things meat - creamy mushroom pâté, fluffy coppa, inventive salamis, swirls of ham, and the Best Damn American Prosciutto that exists. We feature all domestic cured meats to keep our food miles low, and pair them with lots of savory snackies (nuts, pickles, mustard, radishes, and the like). 

This is our waste-free option, which is served on an aluminum pan. To return the pan, schedule a free collection with Dispatch Goods and they'll come pick it up! More tasty, less wasty. That said, sometimes a disposable option is better - click here to order one of those instead.

Medium board pictured here. A small waste-free board is half this size; a super large is twice this size! More information on sizing is on our FAQ page. 

Small ▪ Serves up to 8 ▪ $120
Medium ▪ Serves up to 16 ▪ $235
Super Large ▪ Serves up to 32 ▪ $460