The Botanica - Waste-Free


Handpicked 'n' juicy. All fruit, all day - seasonally sourced from local farms. 

This version of The Botanica charcuterie board is waste-free and comes on a reusable aluminum tray, which you can return easily by texting Dispatch Goods, who will come to pick it up. To order a disposable packaging option, click here

Add Cowgirl Creamery Crème Fraîche & raw honey to gild the lily - $10-15

Small (quarter sheet) ▪ Feeds up to 8 ▪ $65 / $75
Medium (half sheet) ▪ Feeds up to 16 ▪ $125 / $135
Super Large (full sheet, not pictured) ▪ Feeds up to 32 ▪ $240 / $255

Crackersplatesnapkins, and serving utensils are not included - if you need them, please order them separately!