Gift Card!


Ripen is for gatherings. 

So what do we do when gatherings are...unwise? 

Support Ripen (and social distancing) by purchasing a gift card for yourself or for a friend. Your gift card will help keep us in business during this challenging time and can be redeemed either for meal delivery (launching soon!) or for future boards. Thank you for helping our small business stay in the game, and stay healthy!

Use the code COMMUNITY to receive 10% off your gift card. The value of the card will stay the same, you'll just pay less for it!

Our checkout is set up for purchasing boards, so you'll need to choose a date and put your event details in even though you, you know, are stuck at home. Feel free to choose an arbitrary date and put n/a in each of the fields (or something more creative! Keep us entertained over here). Email if you have questions!